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  3. Monday, March 16 2015
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I am looking to use your gallery on a number of schools websites but i need to know the following:

1 - Can i use this from the front end?

2 - Does the masonry theme come with the basic package or do i need the extra theme package?

3 - Does you tool resize the images for the gallery, as I have found that most teachers do not understand the principle of resizing images?

4 - I understand that the gallery tool is anchored to the article however i need to be able to set probably a key gallery about the school and then a lot of sub galleries for school activities. How many sub galleries can i add? Also can the sub galleries be listed as in a text list?

5 - Can your tool feed from the joomla media manager yet?

6 - when is the next version going to be ready for release?


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1. Exactly in the same way as backend depending of the user group you want.
2. All themes including masonry are in the additional theme package
3. Yes, you can define default sizes and original size: size for thumbnail and normal size (like in a lightbox). The original size is used to regenerate images. If a user send a picture with 5000px sized and you've define 1200px size max for ordinal, all images will be resized up to 1200px on upload.
4. As much as you need but you can't put it as a text list except if you make an article list with a gallery in each
5. Nope it's separated but you'll see image stored under /images folder. In the next version we'll include an importer
6. If you mean the major version, we haven't start the development yet. The minor versions comes every 2 weeks usually

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