Monday, September 15 2014
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Hi there,

one question concerning the themes:
The description of the product lists
4 responsive theme with icons
. I guess they are the same as I can see in the video.

What themes do I get in the theme add on? Where is the difference?

Thank you very much

You will be able to present your documents in another way.
Sometimes one theme will be most appropriate for a page, while another is better for another page.

You can see our themes in action here:

Default theme :
Tree theme :
Table theme :
Gdd theme :

Best regards.

8 years ago
Hi, thanks for the quick reply and the links.

And these themes are included the dropfiles only pack?
The description site says 4 themes, so it makes sense but then again what do the add on themes look like?

best regards
8 years ago
One additional question: Is dropfile using an easy MVC customization like k2?
I need a kind of 250+ files download list. So even with the table theme the customer probably wants to have the layout way more compact.

In the Dropfiles component you have the component and all the plugins need to make it working. You have also the default theme.
The dopfiles theme pack is a Joomla package, it includes the three other themes.

The html code generated contains many class and ids so you can insert in your main stylesheet your own style.
If you need to make more substantial changes you can also create your own theme plugin based on the existing you want.

Best regards.

6 years ago
DO you have documentation for making your own theme? I tried to do this, but it didn't work. I need a modified version of the tree theme.

You can copy the tree theme plugin and edit the plugin name, change the class names and installed the modified plugin.
Then you should be able to do all what you want in this new theme and it should be available in the backend.

Best regards
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