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  3. Thursday, March 24 2016
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One little clarification about the Search :
- does it work only on local folders
- or both local and Google Drive ?

Also, other question : the Search goes not only on file names but also on contents of the files (ie files like pdf and docx are indexed), right ?

If Yes, last question : how many files would the search reasonably be able to handle ? Like 100 PDFs, 1000 PDFs, 10000 PDFs, .. ?
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It works on local folders and Google Drive folders.
The content search function is only available for local file, it would be to slow to do that on Drive folders.

It's a bit difficult to give you a reasonable amount of file you can search into because it will depends on your server capabilities and the size of the files.
If you plan to search in 10000 documents you'll definitely need a dedicated service/tool as it reaches a particular necessity.

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