Tuesday, February 26 2019
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Hello guys, I'm looking for an extension that I can limit the user's upload.
For exemple I would like to limit and mask the upload user content.
Each applicant that is a user in my joomla would be able to upload several different files, but I need to force them those specific files and also to mask the file names, so when the user upload it, and all have the same name and extension. Like it's the application curriculum, like, one pdf for diploma, school transcript(atranscript.pdf), academic record, curriculum vitae( curriculum.pdf).. I would like to retrict it so, they can only upload those files, and no matter which name they put, inside the uploaded folder it will reamain in this format.

It could be done with this joomla extension?
Thank you for your attenion.

Our Joomla extension does not have a limitation on upload by file name or an automatic renaming.
The limitation you can apply is an upload by file category or it's based on action: only allows to upload, edit, remove...

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