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  3. Wednesday, March 23 2016
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I have read with interest in the forum that a bit more than one year ago, you announced that you were planning integration with OneDrive (and with Dropbox also).
Do you have any idea of timing for OneDrive ?



PS : I am asking because I see many people who don't want to use Google Drive for professional reasons because of "general condition", "ownership", "privacy" etc.
Apparently, OneDrive is more appropriate for a series of people/sectors for whom those dimensions are important (lawyers, hospitals, ...).
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The main interest in OneDrive is for professionals that use office, they have a OneDrive licence included and it's easy to deploy.
Yes it's planned... but it may take a while because we have 2 version to maintain. Currently we are finishing a new version with new features on file restriction, design... then we'll start Dropbox version then OneDrive.

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