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  3. Friday, March 17 2017
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Where do I find the Italian language pack for dropfile?

Thank you very much
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The Italian language need to be downloaded from the dropfiles configuration.
You can find more information here: https://www.joomunited.com/documentation/ju-translation-translate-wordpress-and-joomla-extensions

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I installed the free version of Dropeditor and trying the components also Dropfiles, Droptables and Droppics, but i do not see the tab named "Translations"!

This tab I find it only in paid versions?

I want to understand this before you purchase the full version.

Thank you very much.
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OK this is some different language package. In the Dropfiles full version you have the Italian translation but not in the free version included in DropEditor (it has not been done by the community). Of course you can do your own translation.

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