Thursday, January 09 2014
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I just have a couple quick questions regarding this extension...

- Is there sort functionality available via the front end? (can the user sort the files by name, date, size, etc...)

- How do you handle support and updates beyond the 6 month mark? If the extension is updated after the 6 month mark, can I purchase an additional support package to keep my system up to date?

- What is the browser support for Dropfiles? I have a strong IE user base, so support for (at least IE 9) is essential
more than a month ago

The sorting feature is added in our list for a next version, but not available yet sorry.

The support and update can be renewed (with 20% off) after 6 month.

The support is OK for IE9+ (admin and front). For html5 upload uploaded reason won't work perfectly on old IE version.

more than a month ago
Thanks a million for the info, and your prompt response. Have a great day!
more than a month ago
You too, hope to see you arround here.
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