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  3. Thursday, June 18 2020
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I'm thinking of replacing a DocMan setup with DropFiles, for the reasons of DocMan being not very intuitive for the users and having a rather heavy price tag. However, I understood that DocMan would protect restricted files also in case someone would try to access a file directly. Is this (also) the case in DropFiles?

What I mean is: I can think of several Joomla extensions that enable me to create a link to a file and make sure that some users cannot see the link. But in these cases, if someone could guess the name and path of this file, they can type it's url and still view it's content. And sometimes it is important to rule this out.

I'd be happy to hear from you,

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You can set specific permissions to files, here is a link to the documentation: https://www.joomunited.com/joomla-documentation/dropfiles/280-dropfiles-parameters#toc-3-acl-file-permission
And of course no direct access to the file is allowed, preventing anyone to download if he has not the permission.

We also have a Docman importer https://www.joomunited.com/joomla-documentation/dropfiles/280-dropfiles-parameters#toc-6-3rd-party-docman-file-importer

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