Thursday, January 14 2016
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Interested in DropEditor and it's add-ons but of course implementing DropEditor, DropFiles and DropPics isn't quite the simple task one could wish for...

For example, is it possible to change the location of the default path to images and files? Why? But of course, my sites already have a lot of files and images uploaded and what better way to access them through DropFiles and DropPics is there?

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your question.

Here is the thing: "Drop" extensions are using database to index media and make modification on it, for example store custom images sizes, apply filters, theme on galleries and so on, while Joomla does not. That's why we're using our own folder for media storage (under the /images folder).
To handle the problem of existing media we've added an importer than is able to scroll for FTP folders and import media in a selected category.

Hope it helps.

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