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  3. Saturday, November 24 2018
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because of the privacy issues facebook has changed things..
Does Social Backlinks stil works or do i need to create a app en go to the complete FB proces of review and approve?

What are the text and image limitations of social backlinkt to Facebook.
currently i am testing a component (free) of a other company and the tell me there is a 420 karakter limit on facebook posting on FB pages.

this is not realy working for mee.. i whant to have more / the complete article with intro / full image on facebook.
and with a shortlink to my joomla webiste.
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Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
What are the text and image limitations of social backlinks to Facebook.

- The text limitation is 180 characters.
- There are 2 types of an image displayed on Facebook: full image and small image.
+ It will be shown with full size and the text below if your image is large.
+ The small image and the text beside if your image on article is small.

Hope it helps!
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