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  2. Pre-sale questions about Social Backlinks
  3. Thursday, November 15 2012
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Hi JoomUnited,
In the social backlinks extension, is the url shortner feature branded? For example, does it use bitly, tinyurl or is it domain branded?
Here is an example of domain branded...

Could I have my domain in the url shortner feature Or does it use a 3rd party company?

If I can not have my domain in the url shortner could you add this feature to it?

Something similar to this.....

It would be so nice to have my domain in the short url.
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In the first version of Social Backlinks we have included a shortener URL but it has been removed six month ago for 2 reasons:

- All the social networks have now their own URL shortener (not a perfect one but it works and include your domain)
- It may cause some problem with Joomla URL optimization third party tools

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