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  3. Tuesday, April 28 2020
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we have subscription to WP MEDIA FOLDER plugin but we can update it automatically, and we are doing it via FTP instead. I didn't see any field for license key activation in our wp plugin dashboard.
This is the notice when I try to update plugin via wp admin:
"Your subscription is outdated, please renew your subscription in order to access the updates.https://www.joomunited.com/"

Is it possible to make that we get update wp media folder via wp admin?

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The key associated to the website could be another one than the one in your account.
Please disconnect your Joomunited account in WP Admin -> Settings -> General -> Click the button at the end of the page "Disconnect my Joomunited account"
Then click again on this button to reconnect your account.

As this forum is for presales question, if it still doesn't work, please drop us a ticket here https://www.joomunited.com/support/ticket-support.
Our support team will help you to sort it out.

Best regards.

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