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Option to limit or allow actions by roles or capabilities (For example, allow only admin to create folders)
3 years ago

Thanks for adding your feature request here. We’ll keep that in mind for a future release!

3 years ago
Hello! Is this feature being developed yet? I need to be able to lock down what roles/users have access to certain folders/files if possible. For example, I need to be able to create a folder and then allow the Editor role to view/edit that folder, so when they go in to manage the media, they only see that folder and the files inside it. Thanks!

Some access limitation have been implemented. In WP Media Folder you can automatically restrict a user or a User Role to his own folder only.
So admin can access to their media and this user/user role can't access to admin media.

More info from the documentation can be found here:

We'd like to see this feature as well. Something that would allow granting and restricting access based on user role and the media categories. Providing the option to allow permissions inheritance for subcategories for each access rule would be great too. Also a separate capability for creating, editing, and deleted folders by role and folder/subfolder structure. We literally haven't found any other plugin out there that provides this feature, so it would set WPMF apart from the rest. Have a look at Publish Press Permissions Pro to get a good idea on an interface/functionality that seems to be pretty flexible.

Alternatively, you could work with the developers of User Role Editor to have them implement these features so they work with WPMF. Might be a great way to promote WPMF as the URE plugin has 600,000 active installs currently. My understanding is they've reached out to you in the past, but didn't hear back.

The real world scenario we're looking to support is 10s of editors all using the same media library. We want them to:

- have read access to all media
- change access to specific folders and subfolders based on the role they have membership in (including creating, renaming, or deleting folders)

The current model of restricting them to their own folder doesn't address multiple users needing to access the same set of folders or when a user leaves the agency and is replaced by another user.

This is a real need in the WordPress ecosystem and we haven't found a good solution yet.

Thanks for considering the above. We'd be happy to provide additional feedback, help with beta testing, etc.
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