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  3. Friday, April 05 2019
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As a future feature I´d really like the gallery function to be enhanced with the following:

a way to password protect a gallery, that would be way cool! So a page could be accessable but a gallery within that page may not until a password is entered.

And if you could add a thumbnal row for the lightbox, that would be awesome as well. As of now the lightbox hovers above the pictures and one has to close it to see all of the pictures....

Lastly but not as important I´d like to see the posibility to go fullscreen with a picture/lightbox.

Thanx already!
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We'll note the password protection for the gallery feature, that has not been asked before. Can you tell me more about that, what do you want to achieve with that, is that selling your images?

About the layout this is planned for the next addon version along with some other themes.

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Hi Tristan,
well for me specifically it would be to have customer galleries as well as galleries that may be not for underaged. So for my nude photography I could have the page visible with all the necessary info but the gallery (or even single pictures!) would only be visible via password....

So far my whole page has to be pw protected, which negates its sense.
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