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  3. Friday, June 26 2020
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It seems the search bar in the Media Library is scoped to the WP Media Folder folder selected at the time of the search. This is usually really helpful to limit the results and quickly find what you're looking for. However, there are times when you might not know which folder a file is in. It would be great to have the option of selecting the top-level Media Library "folder" and allow a library-wide search in all the folders to be returned.

This would save a lot of time not having to search every main folder for the same file to see if it's somewhere in the library.

Thanks for considering this enhancement request ;)
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Thanks for your feedback.

This feature is already included.
You just have to click the "filtering" button and select the "List all media without folder" option.
It will display recursively all files of the selected folder.
If you do a search from there, you will have exactly the feature you want (if you select the root folder).

Best regards
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I think the key there is you have to select an initial folder before it will return search results. What I'm suggesting is it defaults to search all folders if one isn't selected or if the "Media Library" folder/button at the top of the folders list is selected. Then you could search the entire library without having to specify a folder first. This is helpful so you don't have to search each folder at the top level independently. I've attached a screenshot of the current behavior we're seeing.
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Select the appropriate filter and you have this feature (please check the screenshot attached)
There is always a folder selected, if not it's the root folder.

If you always want to search though all folders, just keep this filter enabled. As it's saved in a cookie it will stay enabled during all your session.

With this feature you can:
- Search over the whole library (filter checked and root folder selected)
- Search over a specific folder and all the subfolder (filter checked and root folder selected)
- Search in a single folder only (filter not checked and any folder selected)
- Search all non organized media (filter not checked and root media library selected)

Any user can search anything the way he wants. And as the settings are saved in a cookie, the last selected way to do it will become the default one until he clears the filters.

Best regards
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Thanks for the screenshots, that was helpful. I think I figured out at least part of what's going on. The following option was toggled off for our settings: Enable the filter and order feature. We turned it off because it's confusing for our users to have two filter buttons in the List view of the Media Libary (see attached). So our enhancement request would:

With the Enable the filter and order feature turned off and the "Select a folder" select box set to the default "Select a folder" instead of a specific folder, allow the search to find files in the root of the Media Library and any folders/subfolders. Also, if the "Media Library" link at the top of the folders tree is selected, have it change the "Select a folder" select box to the default "Select a folder" value so search checks the entire media library.

It's a common use case for our users to click on the Media Library and then search on a keyword to find a file in any folder as a first step. Having to apply a filter is an extra step.
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