Thursday, June 14 2018
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It would be great if there was an option to display thumbnails for image files instead of the generic icons, to give the users a quicker and better overview of the files they're about to download. The preview function helps, but is of course much slower for first impressions, especially when there's lots of files.
Ideally, admins should also be able to define the size of the thumbnails via settings.
more than a month ago

Thanks for your feature request here. This is something we have planned for a future major release: version 4.5 (we are currently in version 4.3.19).

Though it’s hard to give a precise date on new features release for various reasons.
It mainly depends on the development roadmap we've defined for the developer and problems we may encounter during this period :)

more than a month ago
That's great to hear!
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