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  3. Tuesday, September 24 2019
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I have a proposal for an future enhancement for WP File Download. Related to GDPR Reasons will for companies in the EU the usage of Cloud solutions like Google Drive, MS OneDrive or Dropbox extremly critical.

So more and more companies works with self hosted Cloud Storage solutions. And the most important one in European Countries was NextCloud, a open Source platform.

Maybe it makes sense to think about a sync solution also for a tool like Nextcloud?
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Hi Thomas,

As stated in the ticket, we're aware of the recent state of the cloud systems related GDPR but not only, also linked to Cambridge Analytica problems.

The "next" Cloud system that is planned to be implemented is OneDrive Business (because that was planned and we've started working on it) but for sure we'll include NextCloud in our plan for the future as it seems to be more and more the best cloud candidate for the EU. That is also a good also way to balance the worldwide data storage :)

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