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  3. Wednesday, 24 April 2019
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It would be a nice feature if WPFD included an Expiry Date value for uploaded documents and some auto-expiry features to help keep your online document library up to date.
Plus related features
- expiry reminder emails to designated users/roles when documents are due to expire soon
- list files due for expiry - this would allow owners to review expiry - expiry date could be revised as necessary or the document updated
- expiry options - delete permanently or move to a designated/"Expired Docs" category

In some case a business has file retention policies
A file retention value eg 5 years could be recorded against a Category, so that any doc uploaded into that category (and subcategories of it?) automatically has an expiry date applied - from the date of upload

I think this would be a great feature for websites with lots (hundreds/thousands) of documents
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I second this request.

Setting document expiry is something one of your biggest competitor does provide. I think it would add to your sales.

For one client it was essential to be able to expire documents at a set time.

Sadly, this ruled out WP File Download. However, I would rather use your product than WP Download Manager
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Thanks for adding your detailed feature request here.
As some related requests, we will keep an eyes on this feature.

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