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  3. Wednesday, June 15 2016
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I wonder - in the editor for articles and nearly any other places, there are a counter who shows you how many times a articles or so have been showed,
could this been implemented in the glossary to, not necessarily for public view, but in the back end, so I could get a feeling on how popular or useful a term in the glossary is.
The date for registering and revising, to be showed in the back end, would also be of interest, because then you could see how old that term is, and make it easier to find out if this term maybe should get an update, or at least a check for update, because things change, and so also sometimes the content related to a term.
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Thanks for your feedback.
Great idea for the hits counter, shouldn't be so complicated.
About the dates, you mean some kind of creation date, publish up and publish down like in the Joomla articles?

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You got it right - :D
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OK I've included that in the roadmap ;)
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