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  3. Thursday, February 06 2020
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"Search the location NAME"

I would like the possibility to search for the NAME of the location. Not the name of the town or country but the NAME I put for the name of the location. The name of the person or the entreprise that live at this location.

Here a example :

I got 200 specialistes on my map.
And I want to find "Dr. John Snow".

Now If I enter in the search bar the word "John", the system will find me all the town or states that got john in it (Johnson city, Johnston, etc... ).
Even if I put the name "Dr. John Snow" in the NAME field of my location edit page (see attachements). The search engine is not design to search this NAME.

First ... I hope my request is clear.
Secondo ... I hope this feature is possible

You can see a example of what I want to do... they can make a search by name of people.

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@ Bourque
This is already working in our extension.
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Thx... I did find it ... finaly.
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