Tuesday, May 10 2016
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Also, I feel there's a lot of potential in this program, but not a lot of options.

For Example:
- Undo Option
- Google Fonts
- Animation Control (speed, size, style, etc.)
- Removing/Adding Text Layers
- Removing/Adding Image Layers
- Shortcode Inserts like RSForms or Widgetkit
- More Sizing control

Is there a roadmap? I really like where this is going and think it would be great to see more of.
more than a month ago

We haven't made a public roadmap for layer slideshow.
All the features (except the shortcodes for RSForm or Widgetkit) is already planned for a next version though.

more than a month ago
Awesome to hear. When can we expect a new version? Thanks!
more than a month ago

I hope in less than 2 month we can start working on those features.

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