1. Simon Bieri
  2. Feature ideas for Droptables
  3. Thursday, December 21 2017
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Please add a possibility to customize timezone and country specific formats as for date, currency, etc.
For example, date from a MySql-Table is in format
. In Droptables options, it should be possible to change the format to, for example,
so automatically every date in a front-end table is set to the customized format.
Same with currency. For example:
US format is 1.234,56.
Swiss format is 1'123.56

Or, in other way, it would be nice to override the view of a front-end table, so the format could be changed there.
For example:

if (strcmp($droptablefields->dbtablefield, 'datefiled') {
change_format($droptablefields->dbtablefield, 'm.d.Y h:i');

or something similar.
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Thanks for adding your feature request here. We’ll keep that in mind for a future release!

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