Wednesday, April 04 2018
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Manually triggering the auto sync.
Currently you can enable auto sync and define an interval (every 5mins, 1hour, 12hours or 24hours). But for someone that haves several tables updated a couple times per month, it's an unnecessary resources allocation.
It would be better to have an option to ALSO (not only) trigger the syncs manually.

So the process would be;

- Create table
- Define file location
- Activate auto sync
- [optional] define a time interval (every 5mins, 1hour, 12hours or 24hours).
- Access to an extra button to activate the auto sync. (whatever script that is already being triggered by the timer above).

If you couple this with the ability to auto update charts as well, this would bring droptables to a whole new level of flexibility and performance.
more than a month ago
Adding to it, another option would be do add a global setting in the definitions.
Something like, enable/disable auto sync.

This way, even if all tables have the auto sync enabled, and a time cycle is set. The script only runs when the global option, "enable auto sync" is enabled.
If disabled, then no auto sync occurs despite the other configurations.
Maybe this would be the simpler way to do it.
more than a month ago

Thanks for adding your feature request here. We’ll keep that in mind for a future release!

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