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  2. Feature ideas for Droppics
  3. Monday, December 21 2015
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Hello there,

I would like to display an image gallery with more levels of subcategories.

Something like this:

Main Category
- Subcategory A
- - Subcategory A1
- - Subcategory A2
- Subcategory B

At the moment "Subcategory A" will not be shown when I place the "Main Category" into an article as starting point. That is because "Subcategory A" has no picture inside and so DropPics cannot apply a thumbnail to this "Subcategory" to be shown.

I think it would be a really nice feature though if DropPics would just take a random picture of "Subcategory A1/A2/..." for "Subcategory A" so it is possible to have a more advanced structuring of files. Or even make it possible to add a custom thumbnail for categories.

What do you think of that?
Kind Regards!
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If you insert the category "Main Category" with subcategory displayed option activated, you can list all direct sub categories like attached but with image indeed (in your case "Subcategory A", "Subcategory B";). What you wont be able to do is list sub subcategories from root category.

Maybe it would be better to have some king of navigation tool like a menu tree in this case.

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