Monday, November 30 2020
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more than a month ago

Thanks for adding your feature request here.

Make permissions work for the Manage files menu.

This would be useful in a few cases like yours. However, this is the first request,
so we need to check deeply about its usability and technical issues also.

Thanks a lot!
more than a month ago
I just purchased the whole bundle but I can't use DropFIles for my project because I can't apply permissions to a folder when displayed through the Manage files menu item. I can't use the upload to a category menu item because it won't display subcategories. I would have to create several menu items for one user to be able to upload to more than one category. This is why I wanted to use the Manage Files menu item, but there, all users can upload to all categories, or no categories.

Also, I can't use the editor because I can't get the editor go directly to the media manager. Instead, I have to go through drop pics to add an image to an article. I can't seem o get drop pics to just recognize my media manager, which is loaded with images that I don't want to move to other folders. I can't find how to have DropPics replace the media manager.

So this is like a closed system that won't work for me. Maybe it would be OK on a brand new site, but hard to fit into an existing site.
more than a month ago
Guys, I really need this to work as well! I need to be able to create categories that are only visible and usable by certain Usergroups/ACLs
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