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  2. Feature ideas for Dropfiles
  3. Wednesday, November 04 2015
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Dear dropfiles team

We absolutely love dropfiles and it's GoogleDrive integration possibility! But in our opinion, one big thing is still missing: It's about the possibility to show all downloads of a category including subfolders directly from a joomla menu.

What is it about?
If we have a lot of downloads to show directly (out of different subfolders) on one single page, we have to include each subfolder separately to a single module, then load this module into an article and then display this article over the joomla single article menu.

What's the problem
This is a lot of manual work and - even more important - results in a huge amount of single "API calls" out of an article which usually slows down the whole website.

What could be the solution?
I have no idea about the possibilities and the problems of/with the Google API and the complexity of the component, of course. But I'd suggest to realize a component menu, which allows to display one category (with subfolders on demand) or even better: with toggle selection. And why not integrate a layout switcher as well?

As far as I understand the background of the component, this would reduce the amount of API calls which should result in a significant speed enhancement.

Thank you.

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I see what kind of problem you face.
But it remains the same problem as we'll have to load each category, even if it's loaded through a menu item or any other maner.
The internal process to load files will be more or less the same.

Anyway, we'll think about that, if we can find a good solution we'll add it in a next release.

Best regards
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Thanks for thinking about my suggestion. What about a manual cache & sync option? For example a field like "set sync interval" and a local cache, which is renewed either automatically (with cron job?) according to the interval settings or manually by button...? - kind regards - Quartus
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