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  2. Feature ideas for Dropfiles
  3. Tuesday, March 03 2015
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I notice in the category options configuration that there are options to enable or disable hits, file size, date modified etc, but there isn't an option to disable the description. I know that I can override this in a custom view in my template, but I was wondering if you would consider adding this as a feature, as it seems quite sensible for people to want to show or hide the description.

My use case is that I have a page with multiple documents listed, each of different types (biography, slides, paper). And each set of documents are for different authors. Because I nest the file listings under each author, I want the title for each one to read 'Biography', but the description to say 'Joe Bloggs Biography'. I do not want to show the description in the front end, but I want admins to be able to see it so that they can distinguish between the different files.

Do others think this would be a good addition? I think it would be quite trivial to add it.
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Sounds good, I'll add this option in our feature list for the next major version.

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