WP File Download

Disclaimer: This information is not a legal advice and is for informational purposes only. Not all of our extensions are concerned at the same level by GDPR.

What data are used by our extension?

WP File Download retrieve statistics about which file has been downloaded, but they are not related to user specifically, it’s anonymous data only. The extension creates cookies (30 days) but they are only used to store user interface (UX) preferences and enhance the extension usability.

WordPress, 3rd party and our extension

You need to take in consideration, if you allow your website users to upload files on frontend, that the plugin is using the WordPress user sessions. WordPress user data can be managed, exported, deleted from the WordPress settings since the 4.9.7 version.

In WP File Download you can make use of 3rd party services, for instance, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive… These services as well as WordPress are all working on making their products and services GDPR compliant on their side.


You may more about the GDPR from the European Commission’s Data Protection page

If you have a touchscreen computer on Windows using Chrome, you may be unable to drag-and-drop categories with the touchscreen, but can only drag-and-drop categories with the mouse. To fix this issue, you need to disable touch events in Chrome.

Type chrome://flags in the Chrome address bar and press ENTER

touch screen


Locate Enable touch events > Change the option to Disabled

WP File Download uses it's own framework which is automatically installed in the /wp-content/mu-plugins

Sometimes this directory has wrong permissions and WP File Download can't install its framework.
To fix this issue : 

  • Create the folder /wp-content/mu-plugins
  • Make sure the /wp-content/mu-plugins is writable by your webserver user
  • Go again to your wordpress administration page and check if you still have the error.

You still have the issue

  • Unzip the content of wp-file-download.zip file on your local machine
  • Create the folder /wp-content/mu-plugins on your website if it doens't exist
  • Copy the content of the /wp-file-download/framework/ folder from the previouly unzip files to the /wp-content/mu-plugins/ folder in your website server
  • Go again to your wordpress administration page, you should not have the error anymore

WP File download is using WordPress natice User roles. You have 2 options to define file display on public side and file management on admin side.

  • Limit access to file on public side: on each category you can define in one click witch user role  will be able to see the files. For example select subscribers to limit the files to be viewed to subscribers only (registered users on your WordPress website)
  • To limit access to files management, you have dedicated interface to define actions per user roles. For example witch users will be able to edit it's own files, edit all files, add files, delete files...

Yes there's an importer tool that need to be activated in the global parameters.

Then you can select a file category on one hand and on the other hand browse your server folders (like in your FTP client). The select files and click on the import button, you're done!

Yes, it require setup. Access limitation can be setup using WordPress user roles (admin, author...)

  • For each category of files you can setup witch user role will be able to display and download files
  • For each file management you can setup action on user roles, for exemple authors can only manage their own files

There's no dedicated form but you can user roles for that. You can create a user group (user role) that in only allowed to upload files.

Yes it is, it's a feature you can activate in the global parameters: "activate remote download". Then you can add a remote file like any other local file (both can be mixed), define a title, an URL for the file, an extension type (for the icon, zip, xls...).

Of course, you're welcome. You can contact us on the forum for that if it's a new language.

Included languages: English, French, German.

Yes, you have option to define:

  • Use a default theme in all the plugin with a predefined parameters (colors, display file size...)
  • Choose a theme per category and define parameter from the category

If you have several users that uses the plugin, the fist solution is better to keep a similar layout for your files on all your WordPress website.

If you host your website in a WP Engine server you may encounter 404 errors on some type of files.
This is because WP Engine uses a proxy with a particular configuration.

First of all if you have changed the default SEO url in the plugin configuration page, please note this value and replace it in the first line of the code we provide in the next lines (location ~* ^/replace_here_if_you_have_changed_it/* {).

Then please contact directly the WP Engine support https://wpengine.com/support/ and provide this informations :

We use the WP File Download plugin from Joomunited. When this plugins is used under your environement we encounter 404 errors when we try to download files managed by this plugin.
This question has already been asked to the WP Engine and you fixed it for other customers according to the following explanation.
The WP File Download plugin generates files url that are processed by a php script.
For exemple /downloads/14/category/11/file.pdf is internally redirected, by the default htaccess rules, to the main index.php file.
But as you're serving static files through an Nginx proxy and if the file is not found, the proxy returns a 404 error and the index.php script is never called.
In order to fix this 404 error, we need you to add to our site's "Before" rules this lines, assuming the port 6789 is still the correct one on your side.
location ~* ^/download/* {     proxy_pass http://localhost:6789;     $dynamic_upstream_read_only; }




If you host your website in a WP Engine server the file preview may not work.
This is because WP Engine tries to redirect bots crawling and Google Drive Viewer may be detected as a bot crawling.

In this case please contact WP Engine Support team and ask them to disable redirect bot feature.