Social Backlinks

Social Backlinks is built to automatically sync new content online but there is a way to do that:
- Select the content you want to sync in Social Backlinks
- Select "Sync when an article is updated"
- Go to your article and just save it

Yes, Social Backlinks is build to sync all new content on all social network connected.

The first step is to configure the connection with social networks using the pdf or video tutorial, then it's done! you just have to select and publish new content on your website.

Please check in your Twitter apps that you've enable the "read and write" access.
If it's not applied directly you should generate a new app.

This means that you are using a"meta" that is forcing a default image to be posted on facebook.
The meta is something like and it should be present inside the tag at the top of your page.

Erase this meta and everything will work!