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Connect Joomla With Google Drive!


There are few easier ways to manage files than Google Drive. Nonetheless, whereas Google Drive makes it easy for teams to share files, most of the blogging action happens on Joomla. Dropfiles is JoomUnited’s answer to manage all your Google Drive files directly from your Joomla blog.

Dropfiles is primarily a file manager for Joomla, but one that is aware that sometimes, it is far easier to host files away from your blog. In light of this, Dropfiles comes with complete integration of Google Drive, allowing you to manage your cloud files from Joomla, and your Joomla files from Google Drive.

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Dropfiles 2, a powerful file manager


It's been a lot of work but it's out! Dropfiles 2 brings a lot of possibilities to manage your files in your Joomla installation.
Drastic backend enhancement, powerful access right, SEF file URL, Google Drive integration,...
Let see that in details.

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My Maps location Hikashop / Hikamarket edition


Hikashop is the most powerful Ecommerce solution for Joomla. Associated with Hikamarket component you get a multi vendor solution (add resellers to your online shop). My maps location for Hikashop/Hikamarket is a specific plugin package that brings a full integration to find a local product or reseller based on your location. Everything is now integrated in the main package of My Maps location.


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Droppics 2, an amazing update!

Droppics 2, an amazing update!

Droppics 2 is out, adding some amazing features that bring this extension to the state of the easiest image and gallery manager for Joomla.

You are now able to fully manage single images, Droppics 2 will take the place of your favorite image manager because it's faster and easier. You can create a custom sized image from an original one with 2 click only, define the size and apply! Droppics 2 brings also a multi-level gallery system. It's important for 2 reasons: you can classified your image in folders and you can navigate (in AJAX) inside gallery levels.

Here's the main additionnal features you'll get with the 2.0 version.

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What's new in My Maps location 2.0?

b2ap3_thumbnail_MML2.pngMy Maps location is 2.0 bring a lot of new features you where waiting for long time. Let's see it in details.

- A brand new editor button
- An automatic zoom level 
- A microdata integration
- New menu configuration
- A powerful K2 integration
- A new module
- CSS improvement

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Social Backlinks 2

Social Backlinks 2.0 is out and coming with a lot of new features.

b2ap3_thumbnail_1.pngKiller feature: social network automatic connection. This is amazing, previously and in all other extension for CMS, you'll need to create an app for each single social network enter information in the component. With automatic configuration it's over! Just type username and password for Facebook, Twitter,... and that all, you're connected and ready to sync your Joomla content online.

Linked In: not only profiles but company pages are also supported now.

New social network: Vkontakte. Vkontakte is 57+ million of user social network, very popular in Eastern Europe.

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Dropfiles 1.2 with files importer

Dropfiles 1.2 with files importer

Dropfiles has a unique file importer available for Joomla. With our importer you will be able to define individually witch file you want to import in the category you want. You can choose any folder from your FTP to import files...


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Dropfiles discover a new way to manage files in Joomla

Dropfiles discover a new way to manage files in Joomla

We've recently launched Dropfiles, witch is in our opinion the easiest way to manage files in Joomla.
The main idea is to manage files with less click as possible. For example you're able to update your files in 3 click, I mean really 3 clicks! You just open an article, click on the Dropfiles button, drag a file to update it, already done!

The main idea of the component is to focus on the main actions you're doing when you manage files: send files, categorize them, update them, determine access level.

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Check our presentations at J&Beyond 2013

Check our presentations at J&Beyond 2013

We recently been at j&Beyond Netherland. We've made 2 conferences:

- A lightning talk about managing images in Joomla with Droppics
- A conference about the extension production process

Presentation are now available here:

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Droppics, K2 compatible!

Droppics, K2 compatible!

Now you can use droppics and K2!

Try Droppics the new easy way to get a beautiful gallery in 1 minute!

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