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Gutenberg Advanced Comes to WordPress


Gutenberg is the new editor (almost) ready to be shipped with WordPress 5.0, around April 2018. To this end, we've decided to start working on a new free plugin called Advanced Gutenberg. The main purpose is to accelerate the job of website creation for gutenberg early adopters.

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Around the World with WP Latest Posts


If you are reading this, then odds are that you have taken your brand digital. Going digital does not only bring you closer to your customers. More than that, going digital brings you a whole new world of possibilities, quite literally.

There are few better ways to improve engagement than by catering your content to your WordPress visitors. Making it easier for your readership to interact your website makes the whole experience better, and what better way to achieve that than by providing translations? 

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Joomla 4 Features Overview


It has been five long years since we last saw a major update for Joomla. It is fair to say that Joomla 3 has not aged well, but taking inspiration from WordPress, the content management system (CMS) is gearing up for a brand new release - Joomla 4. With release looming on the horizon, we’re here to bring you a first look at the open-source CMS’ update.

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Black Friday 2017: 40% OFF on Everything!

Black Friday 2017: 40% OFF on Everything!

Get 40% OFF using the coupon: BFJU
Apply on ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING: All memberships, bundles, renewals, upgrades.
The coupon will be available during a the Black Friday and Cyber monday from 24 nov. to 27 nov. 2017

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Picture Perfect - Optimizing Images on WordPress


Speed is one of the most important factors to internet users. No matter the quality of your WordPress blog’s content, a sluggish experience is a sure-fire way to ensure that a user does not return once they leave. The list of optimizations that you can make is a long one, yet in spite of the advantages, optimizing your WordPress website can feel like a chore. And that is where WP Speed of Light comes in.

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Sneaking a Peek at WordPress 4.9


WordPress 4.9 is almost upon us! The new upgrade brings us ever closer to version 5.0, with all the novelties that it will bring, including Gutenberg. WordPress 4.9 is an important stepping stone that is currently still in beta, but we have taken a peek under the hood so you do not have to, so let’s dive in!

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DropFiles on Cloud with OneDrive Integration


If you’re anything like us, you probably have files scattered across different devices. You might also use a cloud service, such as OneDrive, to share files with your Joomla! collaborators. Whereas before you had to bring files over from OneDrive into your Joomla! blog, Dropfiles is now making copy-pasting files a thing of the past.

In recent times, we have been rolling out updates to WordPress that allow you to access all your OneDrive files straight from WordPress and from WP Media Folder. Now, JoomUnited’s latest offering also brings the cloud directly to Joomla! thanks to DropFiles.

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Hello Gutenberg - Reviewing WordPress 5 New Editor


Times are changing for WordPress, and soon you will wake up with the brand new, upcoming WordPress 5.0. Among the slew of new features shipping with WordPress is a reimagined integral part of any WordPress website - the editor.

Gutenberg, an open-source rich-text editor and an alternative to WordPress’ own editor, will now ship by default with the major update to your blog. As an open-source plugin, Gutenberg is not only robust, but also feature-rich.

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YouTube’s Visiting - Introducing Videos on Joomla!


Whether columns or ready-made templates, DropEditor for Joomla! lets you customize your articles and pages to your heart’s content. These endless possibilities help you tell a great story in the best way possible, but it can be easy to forget the bigger picture - the content itself.

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WordPress Optimization: For Speed


Here’s the deal:
If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load…
… most of your visitors will leave and never come back.

If you want people to read your content and buy what you are selling, you will need to improve your website’s speed.
A faster-loading website means:

  • More traffic from Google
  • Lower bounce rate
  • Better conversion rate
  • More sales
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