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Building Blocks - Reviewing Gutenberg’s Updates on WordPress


Just a few months ago, we reviewed WordPress’ upcoming editor - Gutenberg. Back then, the editor was plagued with a barrage of criticism from detractors who could not picture it being an improvement over WordPress’ native tools. However, Gutenberg is here to stay, and as an open-source WordPress plugin, it is currently being improved by a myriad of contributors.

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Mapping Files in WordPress - File Searches with WP File Download


Directories within directories, images mingling with documents in an endless file hierarchy. We have all been there, and maybe this description sums up your current situation. In practice, in spite all the best efforts to stay organized, as a website grows so do the troubles to ensure that everything is at your fingertips.


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More With Images: WP Media Folder Galleries Addon


Sharing images is one of the best ways to tell a story. It comes as no surprise that our news feeds, blogs and companies are filled with imagery, seeing as images illustrate ideas like no other medium. And yet, in spite of all the advantages, over-cluttering your WordPress article can become a real issue.

Galleries are one of the best solutions to this problem. Elegant, compact and beautiful, image galleries are a showcase of the best content you have to offer. They also invite users to browse all that you have to offer without occupying a lot of space or overwhelming your WordPress users.

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Presenting your Brand on Joomla! with Layer Slideshow


There are many ways to present information about your brand or enterprise. Recently we took a look at tables as one medium to present figures and statistical data on Joomla! Tables are not a catch-all solution, however; in some cases, numbers may need to take the backseat in favor of better presentation. JoomUnited’s solution is the newly-revamped Layer Slideshow component for Joomla!


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Math, Money and Tables on Joomla!


If you want to present data neatly on your Joomla! blog, then you cannot go wrong with tables. Droptables for Joomla! has received two quickfire updates letting you do more with tables on Joomla! In Droptables’ latest update, new functionality accompanies finer details, giving you more control over your data.


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Shedding Light on SEO with Google Lighthouse


Have you ever wondered how Google sees your website, or how search engines rank your website when displaying search results? Odds are that you have, and now it is possible to answer these questions thanks to Google Lighthouse - the latest SEO auditing tool made available by Google.


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Livening Up Your WordPress Media Library


Folders are at the heart of organization, and as your WordPress blog grows, so does the inevitable need for organization. Whether you are looking to have media files at the ready, or you want a tidy workplace, your WordPress media library is the one area that cannot be in disarray. WP Media Folder's latest update is a treat for those who cannot stand a disorganized media library, with a focus on directories and folder management.


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Exploiting WordPress Images for SEO


Pictures are a universal language, and just like many other bloggers, you probably make abundant use of them on your own WordPress website. Images are not only a means to convey a message, but in the right hands, they are also a powerful SEO tool.


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Lazy Acceleration for Performance on Joomla


There is a lot you can do to improve your Joomla website’s speed, but have you ever stopped and asked yourself if your own content is encumbering loading times? Speed Cache is a Joomla extension that greatly enhances your website’s performance, but it has historically struggled with long posts. The latest update to Speed Cache does not only tackle this problem, but ports additional features from its WordPress alternative - WP Speed of Light.



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Christmas 2017-2018 sale: 30% OFF Coupon


We are happy to announce special sales for christmas.
A 30% OFF coupon on all our membership, including bundle and renewals, is available from dec. 22 to dec. 29



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