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WordPress Media Library Synchronizer & Organizer


Maybe you have already bought or are thinking of buying the license of WP Media Folder but you think that it can be a tedious process to create all those folders that you already had created and to pass all the files because WP media folder solves this for you by using the server file importer and synchronization.

WP media folder makes it easy for you to organize all your files from 0, but what happens if you already have a created structure and do not want to start again? This awesome tool will help you with it.

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Connect Microsoft OneDrive to a WordPress File Manager


Storage space is one of the most important features that a server can have when creating or maintaining a web page, so everything must be done to save it and thanks to this tool that WP File Download offers, you will be able to save a lot of space.

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Google Drive As A WordPress File Manager


WP File Download is your best bet to save storage space and storage costs on your WordPress site by using a cloud platform, such as Google Drive, on WordPress through a WordPress File Manager.

Google Drive is a service developed by Google that offers cloud storage and file synchronization. You can store any type of files in Google Drive and access them from anywhere with any device, and share them with whoever you want.

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A New set of of Blocks: Gutenberg Email & Testimonials


Since the release of WordPress 5.0, progress on the content management system has slowed down. Through Gutenberg, the latest major version of WordPress handed over the keys to creating great content to bloggers like yourself. Although Gutenberg’s toolset is already copious, you can never have too many choices.

Advanced Gutenberg too has released a new update just one month after the last release. This month, Advanced Gutenberg graces your WordPress blog with even more possibilities, including one new block to help you connect with readers even more.

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A New Home for Files on WordPress


There are two sides to every blog. There’s the side that your readers see, and then there’s the side that only you see. As a WordPress blogger you spend most of your time in the dashboard optimizing what your readers see. Nevertheless, JoomUnited’s new redesign of WP File Download gives you the attention that you deserve.

After many of our other WordPress plugins, it is WP File Download’s turn to get a new outfit. WP File Download has abandoned the default, grim style of WordPress for a cleaner and decidedly more organized layout without touching any of the underlying features.

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Two-Way Communication - Advanced Gutenberg Adds the Contact Form Block


If you’re always up-to-date, then your 2019 resolution must have been WordPress 5. If you recently switched over, you will likely have gotten your hands dirty with Gutenberg - WordPress’ new post and page editor. There’s already a lot that you can do with Gutenberg, but most importantly, there’s even more that you could be doing with the editor.

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Store WordPress Files on Dropbox


Are you running out of storage on your server? or you just want to save space storage but want to upload files to your downloadable list with WP File Download? With Dropbox cloud platform it is possible.

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WordPress Meta Bulk Edition: Setup Meta In No Time


Many times you want to make changes to the meta content of different posts as they are, the meta title and the meta description but there is no quick and easy way to do it, because with WP Meta Seo this is possible thanks to the meta bulk edition Wordpress, the which offers quick actions for all the posts you select. The meta tags provide important information about the page to the search engines and it is also displayed in the search.

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WP Speed of Light: WordPress Speed Test Plugin


This WordPress speed test plugin offer you a lot of tools like a cache and Gzip compression system that allows you to reduce the memory that those items occupy, a database cleanup system to erase all these unnecessary items, a tool that helps you to load the images in your page just if it is necessary and a lot of tools more.

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Christmas 2018-2019 sale: 30% OFF Coupon


We are happy to announce special sales for christmas.
A 30% OFF coupon on all our membership, including bundle and renewals, is available from december 24 to january 1st



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