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WP Media Folder Gets a Makeover!

WP Media Folder Gets a Makeover!

If you recently used WP Media Folder, you will have undoubtedly noticed something new. That’s right - WP Media Folder has been transformed with a brand new, sparkling look! That is not all, however - beneath the new design, the WordPress plugin also comes with a suite of new features.

WP Media Folder in video

Material Design

The most obvious introduction to WP Media Folder is its new material look. The clean and modern design makes it easier to navigate your media library, no matter how big it is.



The material design also extends to the backend and WP Media Folder’s settings. Fear not- all of your favorite features are still there, but they are encased in a more practical design! However, true beauty is skin deep. The new theme also allows you to create as many folders as you want, and to organize them neatly in a directory tree.


Notifications & Actions

WP Media Folder has also become more helpful in the newest version. The addition of notifications remind you of completed tasks, whereas the new undo buttons allow you to fix mistakes in no time.

Notifications work automatically and describe the progress of your media library’s workflow. Thus, when you remove, rename, move, replace or filter files in your WordPress library, your are prompted about this change.



No one likes waiting around for uploads to finish. WP Media Folder will now also let you know once all uploads have been processed. This allows you to go about your business, safe in the knowledge that once all files are uploaded, you will be notified.

If you are anything like us, you don’t look on mistakes favorably. Nevertheless, errors do not have to be frustrating. In fact, WP Media Folder 4.0 allows you to undo actions instantly.



Anything from filters to moving, renaming and removing folders, and moving files can be undone at the click of a button with WP Media Folder. If you realize you’ve made a mistake, simply click the undo button to reverse the action.


Richer Media Management

Media management in WP Media Folder has also become much more powerful. For starters, you can now replace images faster than ever before thanks to the new replacement feature.



In order to protect your files from mistaken replacements, the feature is disabled by default. However, it can be enabled from the general tab in the WP Media Folder settings page. If you’d like the ability to replace images, turn on the override file switch and save changes.



Once you’ve enabled image replacement, head back to your WordPress media library. When you click on images, you will notice a new button that allows you to upload a new file and override the old one at the same time.



Another new option is the ability to preview images more clearly in your WordPress media library. In fact, WP Media Folder allows you to load a large preview of images when hovering over them, showing you content in all its glory. To enable this option, switch on the hover switch in the settings.

Managing your WordPress media library does not have to be a chore. Now you can work with practical tools that boost your workflow. And with WP Media Folder, you can do it straight from your brand new, beautiful library!

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Monday, September 25 2023

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