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WP Latest Posts 2 is a WordPress news plugin that takes your latest WordPress content and transforms it into a slider, masonry responsive wall or other forms of summaries that bring out the best of your WordPress blog.

WP Latest Posts is the best way to display your latest WordPress posts, entire categories of content, as well as custom post types. Now, the plugin has received a major update, bringing it to version 2.0. The new WP Latest Posts ships with more themes, more tweaks and other compatibility options that let you present your WordPress content better.


Display your WordPress last Posts using themes in a few clicks

 The first big change in WP Latest Posts 2 is the introduction of four new themes: a category grid, a masonry grid, a smooth hover slider, a material horizontal, a material vertical, a portfolio, and a timeline theme. You can choose the new themes when creating or editing any existing WP Latest Posts blocks. Remember, you can create or edit existing blocks from the WP Latest Posts menu in WordPress.




The wide choice of themes ensures that you can always show your content in the best way possible, highlighting the qualities that best distinguish your posts. In addition to these themes, you can customize them to fit in alongside your website's brand by using the theme setup tab.




The category grid theme, for example, is a special theme that automatically organizes your posts as a masonry wall. As the name implies, categories are the focus of this theme. This is why the snippet of text is replaced with the category name and why, on hover, an overlay shows the category type.



From the theme setup, you can decide whether to show the title and a button to load more WordPress posts. You can also choose the number of columns, and set up the pagination, among other styling options.


If you do not want to focus so much on categories—maybe because you predominantly use one category—then the masonry theme, or the grid theme, might make for a better choice. This theme organizes the posts automatically too, but it shows a preview of the post's text alongside a button to continue reading.



If you do not want to focus so much on categories—maybe because you predominantly use one category—then the masonry theme, or the grid theme, might make for a better choice. This theme organizes the posts automatically too, but it shows a preview of the post's text alongside a button to continue reading.


The third new theme is the smooth hover, and it's probably your best bet to exploit your WordPress blog if it's an image-heavy website. This theme displays posts next to each other in a slider, with beautiful backdrops that use images from inside the post. You can scroll through the posts by changing pages… with a smooth animation, naturally.



This time, the styling options are much more limited. Although you can set the width and customize pagination, WP Latest Posts takes care of the layout. Nevertheless, you can choose what kind of pagination buttons to use from the theme setup.




The fourth new theme is best suited for websites where timeliness is important. If your WordPress blog reports news, then the order of posts and their publication dates are essential information. The timeline theme targets these use cases, with a timeline-inspired look that organizes posts in reverse-chronological order.



The timeline theme is also information-rich. In addition to the publication date, it comes with the title, category, a snippet of text, and a button to continue reading the post in a new tab. Like the smooth hover or slider theme, the style customization options let you choose how much text to show, helping you strike the perfect balance between images and text so that users are not overloaded with information.


We do also have the Material Vertical theme which allows us to show our posts in a really good stylized way while at the same time we can show a piece of the post content with the title and an image, really helpful when we want to show comments from authors or products reviews.



This theme will allow us to show a good description with the title and the post image. Really useful if we want to fill our site with content in a really good way, our users will read only the articles that they want to read as they will have a good idea before going to the article directly. 

Saving them time looking for a specific article or reading something that they didn't want to at first instance.



Now we can talk about the Material Horizontal, which is similar to the Material Vertical but better when we don't have a big amount of posts, this will allow us to show a good amount of information about the post so the users knows what they will read.



Good information + good styling + users won't be angry looking for a specific post, looks like an awesome formula, doesn't it? :)



And last but not least, we do have the Portfolio theme which will allow us to show a good amount of posts, in a minimalist way.



This is really useful when we want to focus on the post image, if we want to show landscapes or art, with reviews, for example.




Configuring themes to customize your latest WordPress posts blocks

In addition to the basic theme setup options, WP Latest Posts 2 has also added more theme-specific styles. You might notice, for example, that posts get an overlay when hovering over them in most themes. By default, they get a dark overlay, but you can opt for a brighter color, or any other color that matches your brand, there is also an option to deactivate this background color.




You will know that you can change a theme's color when selecting one of these themes: category grid, masonry, material vertical, material horizontal, portfolio, scroll hover or timeline. If you go to the Theme Setup, you will find a number of options that you can customize, and set predefined colors or you can create your own by clicking on the select color button.



The default theme does not have the same color picker, but that's only because it's more flexible. If you choose the default theme and scroll down, you can change the overlay image. This image appears when you hover over one of the posts in the block. You can choose among one of several icons, change its background color and customize the overlay.


Editing WordPress default post images

So far in this post, we have talked a lot about images, and how WP Latest Posts 2 helps you spruce up your WordPress blog with them. However, your blog does not have to be image-heavy to exploit WP Latest Posts 2.

In lack of images, WP Latest Posts 2 shows a default blank image as a placeholder. This image is generic and impersonal, but now you can replace it with an SVG image, such as your blog's logo. To change the default image, create a new block or edit an existing one and head to the images source tab.

From this page, scroll down and find the default image slot; click on it to upload the placeholder. This allows you to have a default image for every different block you have, helping you adapt WP Latest Posts 2 depending on where you are using it.




Are you tired of the vanilla experience of WordPress? Do you feel like giving your blog a facelift? Now you can, and with more style too. WP Latest Posts 2's additions help you not just display your latest posts in a variety of ways, but also customize themes to fit along with the rest of your blog!


Creating WooCommerce blocks

Yes! One of the awesome features that WP Latest Post offers on its Pro Addon is that we can show WooCommerce products using the themes described before, and it is as easy as enabling the WooCommerce type post on the Content Source > Custom Post when editing or adding new block posts.



Under Choose a custom post type, select Product.



Selecting this as the content source will allow us to use the themes and all other options just like if these are normal posts as we were able to see before in this post, awesome ways to show awesome things! :)




WP Latest Posts video demo




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