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WP File Download Among the Clouds with Google Drive

WP File Download Among the Clouds with Google Drive

It’s always great to be able to synchronize your files across devices and websites. WP File Download’s new add-on lets you connect your WordPress website to Google Drive, mirroring content on both ends and making it easier for you to manage your files.
The add-on is particularly useful for Google power users as it allows files to be uploaded just once, either on WordPress or on Google Drive. Any changes to files or directories on one of these websites applies the same changes to the other, thus saving you the hassle of ensuring consistency!


All options related to the Google Drive add-on for WP File Download lie in the configuration page of the plugin’s settings. All Google Drive settings may be accessed and modified in the last tab on the right side of the page.



From these settings, you can halt all synchronization between Google Drive and your WordPress website, modify your client identification, and change the synchronization method and periodicity, which affects the delay in synchronizing files between the two services.


Managing Directories

The great news about the new Google Drive add-on is that it works no differently from the plugin. To create a new folder that is synchronized with WordPress, head over to your WP File Download page. Then, instead of creating a new category, click on the arrow next to it, and choose New Google Drive Folder.



Folders that are synchronized with your Google account are easily-distinguishable with their Google Drive icon in WP File Download. Folders created in WP File Download can be found in your website’s WordPress directory on Google Drive. Meanwhile, any folder you create on Google Drive in this directory is also reflected as a synchronized category on WP File Download.



With the Google Drive add-on, you don’t even have to maintain files on both ends. In fact, renaming, moving or deleting folders in WP File Download will reflect the changes on Google Drive. And if you prefer working on Google Drive instead, the same applies in the other direction as well!



Synchronizing Files

Files work in the same way as before, but are now also synchronized with your Google Drive account. Uploading files can be done by drag-and-dropping them in the middle window or by pressing Select files.



Similarly, to directories, any files you upload to either Google Drive or to its WP File Download category are available in both websites. As it was the case with folders, renaming, moving and deleting files on one service will affect the other one as well.



Because of the synchronization periodicity, some changes may not appear right away. However, we know that time is of the essence. If you can’t afford to wait, you can force synchronization by simply pressing Sync with Google Drive to actualize any pending updates!



Inserting Synchronized Categories and Files

The great thing about the new Google Drive add-on is that it works seamlessly with WP File Download. To embed a category that is synchronized on your Google Drive account, simply follow the usual steps; in the editor, click on WP File Download, and from there choose the category or file and insert it. Moreover, the Google Drive icon next to categories will make sure you never confuse your directories!


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