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WordPress 4.6 Shipping Soon!

WordPress 4.6 Shipping Soon!

The backbone of some of our plugins - such as WP File Download and WP Table Manager - is the WordPress content management system. As the name implies, however, WordPress’ core experience is managing the content on your website and posting new articles. A new version is making its way to WordPress administrators, aiming to improve your experience when working on your website.

The new version, WordPress 4.6, is slated for release on August 16, 2016, and it comes with a slew of added features, including speedier updates, and an improved post and page editor. In addition to this are other updates to the core of your WordPress system, catering for the needs of developers.


Shiny Updates

First and foremost, the latest version of WordPress will make installing or updating plugins a breeze. This will be achieved by bypassing the progress page thanks to the brand new shiny updates.



Shiny updates skip the progress page, allowing you to keep browsing plugins, or updating downloaded ones. Once activated, shiny updates become a time-saver. Simply install or update plugins and keep browsing without having to wait for the operation to finish.



Native Fonts on WordPress

WordPress’ main font in previous versions has been Open Sans. Some systems do not have this font installed by default, which meant that it had to be downloaded before it is used, slowing down the system.
This drawback is no more in WordPress 4.6! As from this version, fonts that are native to the underlying operating system will be used instead. For example, on Linux’s Ubuntu distribution, the Ubuntu font would be used, and similarly Roboto and Segoe would appear on Android and Windows respectively.

If no such fonts are found, the system simply reverts to a sans-serif font! This changes nothing, however, with how your website displays, and only affects your administration panel.



Editor Upgrades

As a content management system, WordPress is mostly used to create pages and write articles. The new version caters to content creators as well, with an improved auto-save feature and a smarter editor that detects broken links. Before version 4.6, users who disabled revisions could have faced problems restoring content created by the autosave feature. Now, this issue is resolved, and users may load automatically-saved posts even if revisions are disabled.

Finally, making a mistake when typing a URL is not inconcevable. Unfortunately, dead links may project an amateurish image of your website. The new editor in WordPress 4.6 automatically detects broken links - links that lead to nowhere - and highlights them so you could update them.



Other updates target developers, such as the new standardized metadata registration and new classes. All in all, this free update to WordPress 4.6 comes with something for every type of user!

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