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Unfurling WP Latest Posts’ New Look


You’ve spent hours working on perfecting that one article. The fruit of your labor is an ever-growing readership, but writing is half the solution - presentation is equally important. WP Latest Posts promotes WordPress content, both old and new, in a beautiful layout to draw engagement. It’s not just the frontend that is the focus of WP Latest Posts. Like other JoomUnited plugins, the WordPress addon has received a new update that revamps the backend.

Cleanliness has been at the very top of our priority list in WP Latest Posts’ update. However, you will also find that the new layout retains all previous functionality while condensing it into a more streamlined process. In fact, WP Latest Posts even introduces new functionality in the form of setting searching.

Streamlining Block Editing

WP Latest Posts’ new user interface has greatly simplified the workflow to create and manage existing blocks in WordPress. The block dashboard is split into just three high-level menus - the default block menu, a translation section and another menu that ensures that your system is updated.

In the main area, blocks can be created using the new block button. Existing blocks can be edited by clicking on their name, and deleted by pressing the adjacent trash-can icon. Since it is common to have plenty of blocks for a variation of scenarios, you can search blocks. The search functionality, just below the new block button, permits lookups by both author and title.


WP Latest Posts is about much more than just posts. The workflow to create a new block departs from this point, allowing you to choose content sources among one of posts, categories, pages, tags or custom post types altogether. Depending on your choice, the section beneath lets you choose which content from your designated section to display, its ordering and any other type-specific settings.

The workflow continues in the newly-introduced sidebar on the left. The theme section is the place where WP Latest Posts blocks become unique. One of six themes can be used to display your content, varying to accommodate the amount of information that you want to put on display.


If you want even more control, the text settings tab lets you get into the fine details of the theme’s tiniest features to suit your needs. The last tab - animation - is available only for select themes that support customizable transitions.

In the images source step, you primarily get to select whether to represent content using its featured image, or the first inline picture. In lack of one, you can upload a custom default image. If your WordPress blog comes with well-defined restrictions, you can also override the default dimensions to enforce your own.


Other, more advanced options round up the block creation workflow. Among other options, in the advanced tab you can choose a date format and how much content to show in the preview. If you’d like to go a step further, you can even define your own CSS, making WP Latest Blocks truly unique.

Once you’re done, save your draft, update or publish the block from the top-right of your screen. You can then head into a page or post, and insert your new listing from the WP Latest Posts block in Gutenberg. Next time you want to change something, you can pick up from where you left off.


Search and Retrieve

WP Latest Posts’ UX redesign is more than just vain. Although the process is streamlined, it is easy to get lost among the myriad of options offered by WP Latest Posts. This is the reason why the new interface has made it easier to get around.


The search bar above the four workflow steps was built specifically to counter the trudge of going through all sections and their tabs to find that one option you want to update. Just type part of the option’s name, and WP Latest Posts isolates the tabs whose content matches your query.

A good blog is all about wielding control wisely. WP Latest Blocks’ latest update rethinks just a small portion of your WordPress website. However, in doing so it gives you the keys to integrate your great content in your blog, with as much or as little control as you prefer.

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Tuesday, January 25 2022

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