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Social Media Reach and Presence with Social Locker

Social Media Reach and Presence with Social Locker

Blogging with WordPress is much more than just writing. After all, what purpose do articles serve if there is no audience to appreciate them? WP File Download goes one step further and allows you to enrich your content by combining files with your WordPress posts and pages. The new version of WP File Download also allows you to broaden your reach with the brand new Social Locker.

Social Locker

Almost everyone is active on one of the myriad of social networks that are available. Social Locker allows you to utilize this by hiding your WP File Download content behind social media buttons. In addition, it also works with all of your files, including those synchronized with Google Drive and Dropbox!



Social Locker is a new, easy-to-use WordPress plugin for WP File Download with a simple premise - solidifying your presence on social media at no additional effort. Social Locker hides files behind Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons. The files may be downloaded as soon as your WordPress users follow you or share content from your website.

Exploiting the power of social media is invaluable, and Social Locker is the tool that allows you to reach your website’s potential. When users follow or share your website, you emphasize your presence on social networks and boost your user base. What’s more, setting up and using Social Locker is a simple process.


Using Social Locker

Before using Social Locker on your WordPress website, you have to set it up to point to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. When you head to the WP File Downloads settings page, you’ll notice a new tab - Social Locker.



From this tab, you can choose which social networks you want to use, and configure them to suit your needs. Among others, you can link your Social Locker with your Facebook app or encourage users to follow your Twitter account. Once this section is complete, you can head to your WP File Download content to put it into action.

Using Social Locker is even simpler than setting it up! Simply navigate to WP File Download, choose a file and switch on its lock content by social dropdown.



Once you’ve saved changes, users will be encouraged to share your WordPress website on any of the social networks that you selected. When they do that, they will be able to download the file itself.

Publishing high-quality articles is only the first step to attracting audiences to your WordPress website. Now, with Social Locker, you can grow your social media presence, because great content deserves great audiences!

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Comments 2

Marcos on Thursday, January 12 2017 15:47

I liked the Social Locker. I intend to buy the Dropfile. I wonder if plans to launch Social Locker for Joomla?

I liked the Social Locker. I intend to buy the Dropfile. I wonder if plans to launch Social Locker for Joomla?
Tristan on Thursday, January 12 2017 20:03

Hi Marcos,

Yes we'll add that in a future release

Hi Marcos,Yes we'll add that in a future release ;)
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