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Social Backlinks 2

Social Backlinks 2.0 is out and coming with a lot of new features.

b2ap3_thumbnail_1.pngKiller feature: social network automatic connection. This is amazing, previously and in all other extension for CMS, you'll need to create an app for each single social network enter information in the component. With automatic configuration it's over! Just type username and password for Facebook, Twitter,... and that all, you're connected and ready to sync your Joomla content online.

Linked In: not only profiles but company pages are also supported now.

New social network: Vkontakte. Vkontakte is 57+ million of user social network, very popular in Eastern Europe.

2nd Facebook account: want to post on additional Facebook account or page, now it's possible, just go in the plugin configuration and activate it!
You can still post on page and profile with each account.

New Facebook setting: you can now force an image to be sent on Facebook. This is very important because a lot of template providers or other social media extensions are using an og: code to force an image by default. Not always the image you want, you've got the choice now.

Interface improvement: install and see, some part of the Ux have been changed for the good ;)


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