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Smart Dropbox Synchronization and File Management for Dropfiles

Smart Dropbox Synchronization and File Management for Dropfiles

Synchronization is great, but reliability makes the product. The newest version of Dropfiles makes it much easier for you to manage your Dropbox files right from Joomla! Best of all, as of version 4.0 you no longer have to worry about inconsistencies between files on your Joomla! website and Dropbox!

Two-Way Synchronization

The first new major feature in Dropfiles 4.0 is two-way synchronization. In short, this will allow you to upload, delete and modify files on both Dropfiles and Dropbox, and have the changes applied on both systems. This is great news for content-heavy websites as it eliminates the possibility of inconsistencies.



This process is completely automated. Simply perform the action like you usually would and Dropfiles will take care of the rest. The result will be mirrored on both websites, whether you modify files on your Joomla! website or on Dropbox.

This kind of synchronization doesn’t just work with files. In fact, the latest version of Dropfiles also synchronizes filename changes right away. As usual, just rename the file on Dropfiles or on Dropbox, and the filename will change across both systems.



File Visibility

Finally, Dropfiles on Joomla! now makes it easier to identify which files are published on your website, and which are hidden to your visitors. When a file’s visibility is set as published, it will appear as usual. On the other hand, files which are hidden will appear faded out.



This new addition allows you to easily keep tabs on your Joomla! website’s content without having to manually check each file to ensure its visibility setting.

Overall, Joomla!’s Dropfiles 4.0 introductions will let you work with your mind at ease, knowing that beneath your work is a steady framework ready to ensure that your changes work the way you expect them to!

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Tuesday, August 09 2022

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