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Seamless Integration with Droptables

Seamless Integration with Droptables

A new Droptables version is in town, and it’s all about better integration with Joomla! With Droptables 3.1 for Joomla!, you’ll be able to manage your tables without having to log into your administration panel, customize tables further to integrate them into your website, and give different users various access rights!

Frontend Table Management

The first major introduction to Droptables is the ability to edit tables from your website’s frontend. In layman’s terms, that translates to not having to log into the administration panel every time you need to change table properties. Instead, you could save time by accessing a dedicated page from the menu.

Setting this page up is a simple, one-time process - no different than adding any other menu item in Joomla! To kick things off, choose a menu, and add a new menu item to it. The one thing to look out for is when choosing the menu item type. Navigate to the Droptables menu, and pick the manage tables option. This is the template we’re after - allowing you to manage the tables directly from your website.



On your Joomla! website, access the new page from the menu as usual. From there, you can work as usual - create, modify, and remove tables with ease. In fact, the process is no different than the admin panel’s - it’s simply a more accessible means for you, and your website’s users, to manage your website’s content!



User Access Rights

As an administrator, having complete control over your Joomla! website is invaluable. Droptables is now a step closer to this ideal, with user access rights for table management.



The Access Control List may be accessed from the Droptables options, in the permissions tab. From there, you can limit user permissions based on their type. For example, you can choose to let authors create, delete, and edit their own tables, but disallow them from editing tables that they don’t own.


Cell Hover Color

The last introduction to Droptables 3.1 allows you to customize cells with hover coloring. It follows that first of all, cell highlighting has to be enabled from the administration panel.



Once cell highlighting is enabled, simply pick the hover color with the brand new color picker, and you’re good to go! Cell rows and columns will now light up when you hover over them with your cursor, allowing you to interpret data better, especially when working with large tables.



There’s nothing like a seamless editing experience. And now, the new Droptables version is a step closer to integrating the component more seamlessly with your Joomla! website.

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Monday, January 24 2022

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