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Refreshing - WP File Download 4.0 Arrives on WordPress!

Refreshing - WP File Download 4.0 Arrives on WordPress!

The fourth major release of WP File Download has landed! The WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly upload and share files with your website’s users has been improved, including brand new under-the-hood updates aimed at facilitating your job.

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Revamped plugin backend

A great plugin is not just an interface for you to do your job. Instead, it accompanies you throughout the whole process, helping you achieve your tasks with minimal effort. To this end, WP File Download 4.0 comes with an improved administration backend that allows you to achieve more in less time.

The first new user experience addition is the introduction of notifications. Whenever you add, edit, delete or order files and categories, you’ll notice the new notification system that confirms the actions that you’ve just made. Most notably, this serves to notify you when lengthy processes wrap up, such as when a file is uploaded to your WordPress website.

WP File Download’s interface is also cleaner, with bigger panels that put the most important information at your fingertips. And if you find yourself with too little space, then you’ll appreciate the new resizing option! In fact, the category sidebar can now be resized, thus showing more information about categories or files, depending on your needs.



If you’re working on small displays, WP File Download will also automatically adapt to your device. The interface has been redesigned to be responsive by hiding columns when there is not enough space for them. Furthermore, there’s excellent news if you have a large WordPress website!

No one enjoys sorting through countless files looking for that one, evasive file. It is for this exact reason that the backend’s user interface has now been bolstered with a search option, allowing you to pinpoint relative documents in no time at all.

To look for files, click on the magnifying glass button in the main WP File Download page. From the resulting options, you can narrow down your search by looking in a particular category, and by entering keywords to search for.



Finally, moving and manipulating files has never been easier. WP File Download 4.0 now lets you select files in the backend, and cut, copy or delete them. All you have to do is select the files you want to consider, and choose the action from the new prompt. Moreover, the frontend has not been forgotten!


Fresh Frontend

WP File Download’s frontend sees major changes with the redesign of all of its themes and the inclusion of a new lightbox style for file previews. Similarly to the backend, a cleaner interface awaits your WordPress users.



Furthermore, the interface has also been improved when it comes to previewing files. Indeed, a new lightbox implementation allows your users to preview images and other documents in the same tab, leaving their browser clutter-free.

The last new addition to the frontend deals with long filenames. In order to keep the design clean, WP File Download automatically crops document titles. Fear not, however - our WordPress plugin gives you full control over how they are cropped!



Filenames are cropped differently across themes. To change the manner in which a particular theme crops filenames, head to its tab in WP File Download’s configuration page and insert the number of characters to retain from the title.

From managing files to sharing them, WP File Download 4.0 comes with new provisions to help you achieve your goal. With upgrades to both the backend and the frontend, there’s no reason not to dive into your new home and start sharing!

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Tuesday, May 30 2023

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