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Do you know we have the tools to promote your Joomla website automatically saving your time?

Our 2 extensions Social Backlinks and Sponsorship Reward are going in the same direction.

  • Social Backlinks is built to send automatically your content (or your client content) online
  • Sponsorship Reward helps you to increase your community using your members contact


SocialBacklinks boxLet's see an example of use of Social Backlinks.

Let's say you are running an Eshop website, each time you are adding a new product or make a discount on a specific product, you need to you to your favorite Facebook page, Twitter account or linkedIn professional profile to publish your products. This is what you are doing at the beginning :) but it's a lot of work.
With Social Backlinks extension you just have to select your product categories, choose the social networks and the job is done! Additionnally, you can choose to send your content if it's a new product or/and if it's an old product you are updated (adding a discount on an old product for example). Of course Social Backlinks is integrated with the most famous Ecommerce solutions for Joomla: Virtuemart, Hikashop & Redshop.

sponsorship-reward BOXLet's see an example of use of Sponsorship Rewards.

Let's say you are running an Eshop website too, the hardest is to bring more and more users to your website and gain their loyalty. What don't don't you use your user contact to do that?
With Sponsorship Reward extension, you can offer the possibility to your users to send to their contact a register link and get rewarded for that. For example if a user reach 5 user registrations with his contacts you can send him automatically an Email with 10% discount coupon. Another possibility is to add this user to specific Joomla user group to give him access to specific prices or content into your shop.

Make your Joomla website grows faster.

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Monday, January 30 2023

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