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Presets and frontend options join the ranks in Droppics 2.2

Presets and frontend options join the ranks in Droppics 2.2

First impressions don’t just count, they define how users label your website. Droppics is the ideal choice to enhance your Joomla pictures and galleries, and among others, the latest updates make it even easier to customize them according to your website’s looks.

Predefined Settings

The latest updates to Droppics focus on automating your images and galleries on your Joomla website. The first new addition allows you to define a preset size to all your images, customizing the width and height according to your needs, and it blends right in with your workflow.

When you’re editing an image and you change its size, you may create a preset from it by navigating to the Width section, and choosing to create a new size. All you have to do is define the new size and the preset’s name, apply it and you’re good to go!



These presets may be edited or deleted by clicking on the adjacent icons. This new feature would come in handy if you find yourself repeatedly editing the sizes of images, and would surely save you precious time!

If you were looking for something even more efficient, the new update also brings with it new global settings for single images. These global settings define different default attributes when inserting single images.



These settings may be accessed from the Droppics options page, in the Single image tab. From this section, you may change the default margins, borders and shadows, giving your images and galleries a uniform, stylized look to go with your Joomla website.

Similarly to styling single images, a new feature is targeted to gallery power users. From the Droppics options page, you may update the default looks of the different themes available on your website.



In similar fashion to the single image settings, you may update the look and feel of the different themes to ensure that by default, the themes fit in perfectly within your website. And if that’s not enough, you may also lock themes so that they are not meddled with.



To lock themes, disallowing any changes when inserting a gallery, simply head to the main settings page from the Droppics options. The Load theme in category option may be switched on and off to allow or disallow changes to themes. If you don’t want users changing your perfected theme, then this option is just what you have been looking for!


Control Over Content

If you have the newest Droppics version, you may also notice new control options for your images and galleries. The first new feature in this section is the ability to add to your galleries videos that are available remotely. This addition supports videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.



To insert a remote video when managing galleries, simply click on the Add remote video button. All you have to do is provide the URL to the video in mind, and it will be included in your Droppics gallery right away!

As from the latest Droppics version, you may also decide to make image thumbnails lead to a custom URL, instead of opening up in a lightbox. To make images act like this, simply change the Action on click of images to a Custom URL and insert a link.



The URL you include will be followed whenever a user clicks on the image thumbnail. You may also change the opening mode for the URL that you provided to open in the same window, or a new one, or in a lightbox.
Finally, there is great news if you want to share Droppics with your Joomla website’s users! Now, you may open up Droppics image management to the public with frontend image management.

If you want this to be available in a new page, simply head to Menus dropdown, and pick where you want to make it available. To pick the frontend manager, from menu item type selector choose Droppics, and then the Manage Images option.



This frontend image manager will obey the permissions you set out in the Droppics settings, so make sure you take a look at those before committing. Once you’re satisfied, change the title and customize the various options, and you’re ready to serve your Joomla users with Droppics!

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