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Picture Perfect - Optimizing Images on WordPress


Speed is one of the most important factors to internet users. No matter the quality of your WordPress blog’s content, a sluggish experience is a sure-fire way to ensure that a user does not return once they leave. The list of optimizations that you can make is a long one, yet in spite of the advantages, optimizing your WordPress website can feel like a chore. And that is where WP Speed of Light comes in.

The WordPress companion has received a new update that dives even deeper into the world of website optimization. Moreover, JoomUnited is also presenting a new tool that makes it much easier for you to debug your WordPress blog’s inner workings, and to compare your blog’s speed with that of competitors.


Optimizing WordPress Images

As you can probably imagine, the bulk of the time spent delivering a WordPress page to your users is spent downloading the files required to display each webpage. The bare minimum of a webpage - the HTML, CSS and script files - are rather small. However, the same cannot be said for images and other media files, which are usually magnitudes bigger than text files.

For this reason, optimizing images can give your WordPress website an immediate, noticeable boost in speed and performance to new users. The problem is that it isn’t always so simple, nor feasible, especially when you have a bustling website with hundreds of images. Our solution is ImageRecycle.

ImageRecycle is a WordPress plugin by JoomUnited that optimizes your images without requiring you to lift a finger. In fact, the optimization tool can drastically reduce the sizes of images that are already uploaded to WordPress while retaining all of the quality. And now, ImageRecycle has been bundled with WP Speed of Light, bringing the plugin to existing and new members.



Having the free version of WP Speed of Light grants you a 20% coupon for ImageRecycle. If you have the pro version with six months of support, you get 1GB in image compression quota. That quota goes up to 3GB if you have the pro version with one year of support.

That means that if you have the support version of WP Speed of Light installed, you can install the ImageRecycle plugin for free and start benefitting from optimized images right away. WP Speed of Light allows you to install ImageRecycle right from the Image Compression menu.

The power of ImageRecycle lies in its ability to optimize existing images without requiring you to re-upload everything. What’s more, the process involves only two steps - indexing the images and optimizing images. Both of these processes can be kickstarted from the ImageRecycle page under the Media menu.



ImageRecycle is also a flexible tool. For instance, you can optimize all your files at once, or apply the changes selectively on a few files in bulk. And for more control over your files, you can head to the ImageRecycle page under the Settings menu.

The WordPress plugin allows you to choose from a wide variety of options, including choosing what kind of files should be optimized. The possibilities are many, and there’s no right or wrong options - ImageRecycle lets you optimize your WordPress blog in any way you deem fit.


Cache Checker Extension for Google Chrome

The perfect website optimization requires fine-tuning. Understandably, it can be a frustrating experience, even if the end result is beneficial. JoomUnited’s latest creation aims to make managing your WordPress website’s optimization a little bit more tolerable through its new Google Chrome extension.

The JoomUnited Cache Checker is a new Google Chrome extension built with your WordPress blog in mind. Residing snuggly next to the rest of your Chrome extensions, the cache checker gives you a behind-the-curtains look into how websites are serving content.



For example, it provides you with useful metrics about how fast a webpage was served, allowing you to compare your website’s performance with that of your competitors. The statistics also include a breakdown of the loading time grouped by the different processes, pinpointing speed problems with relative ease.

Most importantly, the JoomUnited Cache Checker can also be used to assess directly your own website. In particular, the extension tells you if content was served using WP Speed of Light’s cache system by turning the icon green. Otherwise, the icon’s color simply changes to grey. JoomUnited’s newest Chrome extension is available for free on Google’s webstore.

Optimizing your website may not be a fun activity, but that does not mean we cannot improve it. The integration of ImageRecycle with WP Speed of Light and the new Google Chrome extension ensure that you do not only have cutting edge tools, but also the means to exploit all of your WordPress blog’s potential.

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