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Page builder compatibility and image duplicate in WP Media Folder

Page builder compatibility and image duplicate in WP Media Folder

Just last month, we explained how WP Media Folder, your tool to create and better manage your images and files on WordPress, can now be used with Divi to build pages. In the latest update to WP Media Folder, we’re excited to announce more compatibility introductions, including Themify... but that is not all!

Media Access by Role

The first addition of note to WP Media Folder is the ability to create folders for different users, or based on their roles. This addition will be undoubtedly useful to larger websites which would like better control over where different users upload media files. And the process is just two clicks away!

In order to set up media access, all that is required is to head to WP Media Folder’s settings page, and navigate to the Media access tab. The first checkbox allows you to see media based on users or their roles. If you’re an administrator, however, don’t worry - you would still be able to see all the files uploaded to your WordPress website.



The second option determines how you would like to separate folders - either one folder per user, or one folder for every different user role on your WordPress website.


New Media Management Options

The latest update to WP Media Folder also ships with new management options for your media files. The new introductions make WP Media Folder even more of a full-fledged file manager, emulating a desktop experience.

Firstly, it is now possible to duplicate media in your library. When editing an image, a new button will pop up - aptly named Duplicate - that allows you to create a copy of your image. Among others, its advantage is to be able to use the same file in different ways, for example with different links or captions.



Another addition is the new replacement functionality, that now works not just with images, but also with all file types, including PDF documents and zipped files. This addition will save you time, as it takes care of removing the old file, rather than having you find the old one and delete it yourself.



The process of replacing an old file with a newer one is a simple one. All you have to do is select the file you want to replace, choose the file to replace it with, and click on Replace. Just like that, the old file will be deleted for you, and the new file takes its place!

One useful addition to the new WP Media Folder is the ability to upload files simply by drag-and-dropping them from your desktop, further integrating WordPress with your desktop. Once you’re in the directory of your choice, grab the file you want to upload from your desktop, and drag it onto WP Media Folder.


New Compatibility Options

Following form the Divi compatibility introduced just last month, the latest WP Media Folder version also integrates itself with other popular page builders.

In addition, using WP Media Folder in conjunction with these page builders couldn’t be simpler. In fact, WP Media Folder integrates seamlessly with these services, and gives you the same results you’ve grown to love!
For example, in Beaver, when adding a new photo module, simply select the Media Library as the source. Once you head to select a photo, WP Media Folder will launch automatically, allowing you to exploit its strengths within Beaver too.



Working with ACF and WP Media Folder is also business as usual. The first step is to create a field group that incorporates images from the backend if you want to integrate ACF with pictures from your library.



Once it is created, you may try it out by creating a new post. The rule should be available with the name and settings you laid out earlier. Once you choose to add a new image, similarly to Beaver, WP Media Folder will launch for you to pick an image.



And the new compatibility options don’t stop there. In fact, WP Media Folder also works with SiteOrigin, Themify and Live Composer. Simply update WP Media Folder!

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