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Membership without support will be dropped

Membership without support will be dropped

Since the JoomUnited beginning we have offered some very affordable "product only" memberships. In a near future we will drop all our memberships without support. It means that all our plans will now include a support service, at least for 6 month.

Why is that?

Several reasons has lead us to take this decision.

  • We have more and more professionals clients that require technical help from our team
  • Our products, since 2012 have grown and now becomes more feature rich. Even with a complete documentation, some features are not easily accessible sometimes.
  • We like to make the things simple. Adding more and more plans with addons, multiple and complex memberships is not something we want
  • You've find a bug or a particular conflict? you can now report it right away without any upgrade to access to support


What about my current "product only membership"?

No worries, your membership will stay active and even more it will be automatically transformed in a membership with support. No dates, no invoice, no duration changes, just a free upgrade!


The new membership price grid

The new membership price grid will offer 2 or 3 plans, depending of the extension. A 6 month support plan, a one year support plan and in some case an optional addon membership.


Hope you'll enjoy it and we wish you an happy new year with a lot of good business to come!

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Friday, July 01 2022

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