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Making Joomla better in SEO?

Making Joomla better in SEO?

Recently Joomla marketing team create a Google survey to get some ideas from the community to improve Joomla SEO.

What can we do? 


Joomla have existing tools inside, witch sometimes can be powerful than WordPress without any SEO plugin. I would take as example the page titles in the menu item or the meta/keywords in the global configuration. Starting from that we have some suggestion.


1. A simple way to rewrite URL

URL rewriting can be nice in Joomla, it's not a problem but it's quite complex for dummy users.
How do they suppose to know what is apache and a .htaccess file?

The idea would be to have something that give great URL's properly configured by default. When you install a new Joomla you don't need to touch that parameter unless you have specific needs.

Something like


2. A basic analytics widget

Jommla is used to make websites, right? We need something to follow the popular content.
It's not really a SEO tool but something you can use to improve content and website architecture.

Would be cool to have an admin module with basic analytics data.


3. An automatic sitemap

Would be useful to if Joomla can have an automatic sitemap on
t's detected by Alexa and you just need to remember any complex URL.


4. to

It's a stuff to do most of the time on a new website! Would be nice to avoid copy/paste a 301 redirect each time in the .htaccess

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^website\.com [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]


Note: it's already submitted :)

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