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Making Dropfiles 4.2 Yours in Joomla!

Making Dropfiles 4.2 Yours in Joomla!

Personalizing your Joomla! website is not only a means to further your brand, but it is also a sure-fire way of standing out. To this end, the Dropfiles extension for Joomla! has been updated with particular focus on personalizing and fine-tuning your website. Moreover, the update comes with new management options and compatibility with Docman, making transitions in-between extensions even easier.

Docman Import

Like Dropfiles, Docman is a Joomla! extension to manage files on your website. Naturally, if you’re looking to switch from Docman to Dropfiles, one of the biggest headaches is how to transfer your old files into your brand new Joomla! extension. Worry not, however, because the new Dropfiles version comes with tools to alleviate the problem.

Dropfiles’ update introduces a Docman importer. The tool’s mission is a simple one - detect your Docman files and seamlessly add them to your Dropfiles category. Furthermore, the process itself is as simple as they get.



Importing files from Docman is a two-step process that takes no time at all. To start, navigate to Dropfiles’ configuration page and select the Import tab. Then, select the Docman category that you want to import and run the process. The files will thus appear in their own category in Dropfiles.


Configuring Dropfiles

One of Dropfiles’ principal strengths is the freedom that it gives to developers. Now, the new version comes with additional options to personalize the extension, and to configure its behavior.

It’s easy for a website to balloon as it ages, and there’s nothing wrong with that. For example, a website that’s growing is more likely to host more downloadable files. However, integrating Dropfiles’ full-text search when there is a myriad of files could prove problematic.

The full-text search feature that is native to Dropfiles looks inside files in a bid to improve results. Although this would be desirable under normal circumstances, looking through many files could slow down your Joomla! website considerably. For this reason, Dropfiles 4.2 comes with the possibility of turning off this feature if things get out of hand.



As usual, navigate to Dropfiles’ configuration page, and then head to the Search tab. To disable this feature, turn off the plain text search option and save changes. Rest assured - if you change your mind, you can always come back and re-enable full-text search.

Dropfiles also allows your Joomla! website’s readers to open PDF files using the Google Drive plugin. However, browsers also come with native PDF viewers, including Google Chrome.



The new version of Dropfiles allows you to change the default PDF directive; instead of opening PDF files using the default viewer, you can instruct the extension to open files in a new tab. To enable this option, turn on the open PDF in browser option.

For the perfectionist users out there, Dropfiles now also allows you to customize how dates appear next to files. This can be configured in the date format input field in the Main Parameters section.


Category Owners

Finally, category owners enjoy greater responsibility in Dropfiles. The latest version sees to this, and allows you to pick particular users to be the owners of selections of files.



Firstly, the facility of category owners has to be enabled from the Main Parameters section of Dropfiles’ settings. This will allow you to assign category ownership to certain Joomla! users.



Assigning actual ownership is a twofold process. The first step is choosing the category whose possession you want to change hands. Then, select the new category owner. From the category sidebar, you can also remove any existing owners.

Dealing with evolving environments in any website can be a headache. Now, however, thanks to Dropfiles 4.2 you can rest easier, safe in the knowledge that your files are managed and shared the way they’re meant to.

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